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Emerging Ladybird

Observed: 15th September 2010 By: Colin007Colin007’s reputation in InvertebratesColin007’s reputation in InvertebratesColin007’s reputation in InvertebratesColin007’s reputation in Invertebrates
Ladybird 01
Ladybird 02
Ladybird 03

And with one bound it was free!

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Very interesting. I've never seen them at the point of hatching out before. However it didn't seem to have any spots. Do those develop later?


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Fascinating pics

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The melanic pigmentation is

The melanic pigmentation is laid down gradually over the first 2-3 days - all ladybirds are a bright orange-red when they first emerge, even the black ones (here's a Pine ladybird c. 3 hours after emergence, for example:
In fact, looking at the pronotum, I suspect this was one of the melanic forms (the orange, succinea form usually has a white 'W' on the pronotum while the melanic conspicua and spectabilis forms have a black pronotum with white edges, as here), so in a few hours from these photos being taken it may well have looked very different!

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Thanks for the info Rimo. I'm thoroughly enlightened as I did not know any of that.