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highlighting when spots have had comments attached

when you are browsing alot of spots, it is always interesting to read the comments at the bottom, but when in a hurry, as alot of us probably are, it is rather a pain to flick to the bottom of every spot to see if there is any discussion. would it be possible to have some sort of tag or highlight at the top/title of each spot to indicate when there have been comments added at the bottom?



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I always use the "Browse Observations" option -

rather than using the "carousel" at the top. That way, the number of comments is displayed to the right of each picture.
It is a little slower, as you have to wait for each page to load, but not prohibitively so. I often check the latest posts during breaks at work - and find that I always open the observations that have comments attached, just to see what's being discussed.
It might be good to have a separate type of comment for those where people are simply praising the shot (which I often do), as opposed to adding information or expressing doubts.

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Thanks Roger

I'll try doing that, it does seem easier to browse by choice this way rather than by default using the carousel. Having tried this, I realise that I can also browse more observations as the carousel has a limited number and when I've been away I will have missed some. Once again, thanks for the tip!