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Fungus on dead wood

Observed: 13th January 2011 By: alahongalahong’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

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Species with which Jews Ear Fungus (Auricularia auricula-judae) interacts


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Jews Ear

So called because this species usually grows on Elder. Said to be the tree which Judas Iscariot hung himself from after betraying Jesus Christ

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jews ear

this tpe of fungi looks really cool, best fugi ive seen ever. i like the colour

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This species is believe it or not, edible. Unless cooked to perfection it has the texture of rubber bands. I've found it best to gather and hang from string in a dry warm place (the airing cupboard is good)and when completely dried out, grind into a powder and use as a flavouring in soup.

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I think..........

I think the average Sambucus nigra would have trouble supporting the weight of a hanged man. That story is also said to be true of Cercis siliquastrum - The Judas Tree, which also has pretty flimsy branches.