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Observed: 22nd July 2009 By: K

the body is about 25/30mm but this does not include wings, I saw this insect at about 19:00hrs in the cab of my truck at Purfleet, Essex. As I tried to shoo it out it appeared to hook itself to the upholstery on which it was perched, I was intrigued by it coloured wings and thought it quite beautiful but it wasn't staying in my cab. sadly I killed it trying to get it out. But I would like to know what it was and if at all hazardous.

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Burnet Moth

It's a colourful day flying moth and completely harmless (like most insects!)

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The larvae sequester cyanide

The larvae sequester cyanide compounds from their foodplants, which is why the adult moth has the warning colouration of black and red. You could therefore possibly be harmed by them, but only by eating the moths in large numbers.

Their 'feet' are little claws, which can hook into fabric like superstrength velcro - the only way to get them off easily is to persuade them to walk off onto your hand

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