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Sea Slater?

Observed: 13th June 2004 By: HielandTeuchter
Sea SlaterMaybe
Sea Slater Maybe2

Approx. 45mm Long. I always assumed this was a Sea Slater (Ligia Ocianica), however, the tail isn't right.

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Sea Slater (Ligia oceanica)

This does not look like the sea slater which is generally grey and has a smaller width to length ratio than the beast in your photo. The sea slater has very obvious 'tails' x4 (the uropods) which are not obvious in your pics.
The rear section of the sea slater (the pleon) is segmented and articulated which is certainly not obvious in your animal.

Andy Keay

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Thanks, Mike. It is good to

Thanks, Mike. It is good to learn something new each day!



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new to me too

I've never encountered this group of animals either, and it's an impressive looking beast - something else to add to my wildlife sighting wishlist!

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Identification of British Marine Isopods

Anybody interested should see

E. Naylor: British Marine Isopods. Keys and Notes for the Identification of the Species.– Synopses of the British Fauna N.S. No. 3. 86 pp. London–New York: Academic Press, Publishers for the Linnean Society of London.

Mike Kendall

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A new one on me too....

Many thanks Mike.

Andy Keay

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Based on size now believe its

Based on size now believe its I.neglecta

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Agreed with Adrian

All those badges!...there you go - see mine here - http://www.ispot.org.uk/node/323289
I'm convinced..