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Observed: 9th January 2011 By: Fred Titchener
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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red broad flat ribbons

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an agreement

Origin March 2-15
I am wandering through all the posts of Palmaria palmata - as one should before posting one's own. There are a good number of posts without an agreement because the pictures, usually only one, are not good enough for a positive Id. The subject in his one, like many of the others, seems to lack the tell-tale 'marginal proliferations'. But the main frond is the right shape, general texture and, importantly, colour. That it's JoC who has 'corrected' the name and is as 'sure as I can be' helps me add its first agreement.
Of course Rhodymenia palmata is also 'correct' but it is a very old name.

EDIT I am revisiting all Dulse posts and in this case correcting my spelling!

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checking other posts

dj has made a good point here - it is worth checking other posts before posting a tentative id. I don't think everyone, especially new posters, appreciates that the Search engine could be used to see if an ID fits other observations, and that it is also a good idea to read the comments in case the ID has been challenged.