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Observed: 9th January 2011 By: Fred Titchener
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red feathery seaweed

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It could be this species.

Bunker et al in the Seasearch Guide to Seaweeds list two other species that are similar; Laurencia obtusa and L.pyramidalis. The fine details that separate the species can't be seen on the picture. I can't be sure this is the correct ID.

By the way the taxonomists seem to have changed Laurencia pinnatifida to Osmundea pinnatifida.

Mike Kendall

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Another possiblity

It might be Plocamium cartilagineum as I can see comb-like bits at the end of some fronds, but I don't have a seaweed guide anymore unfortunately so I'm not really sure.

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Not much to go on but there are glimpses, via the original, of one-sided fronds. In any case Rosie (Nature Girl) is on the ball.
The resolution is poor and the specimen well battered but I really think it is Plocamium cartilagineum but it cannot be easily separated from P.nanum.
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