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Unidentified beautiful beast of a plant

Observed: 10th January 2011 By: matthewrw

My father bought this plant for us some years ago from a garden centre. Since then (5 years or so) it has grown into this formidable specimen.
It has always been indoors, always has been happy and fairly hardy.
It thrives with water and feeding, and 'bleeds' water from the very tips of the leaves after I've watered it.
I can't see how it is supposed to support its own weight (as you will see from the photo of the flimsy stems) and for years we have been supporting it with sticks, and only last night we have started suspending it from the ceiling with fishing wire!
Please help me identify it!

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I should try a houseplant book / website for an exact answer

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Looking at internet it does

Looking at internet it does look like philodendron, but identify to the species level is difficult. Please some one can confirm as there is such a large variation in foliage that we need an expert to advise on this.


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I reckon then that it could be a Philodendron maximum:

But please can someone tell me what the brown/yellow patches are on the leaves and what I should be doing to avoid them?


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don't know it is P. maximum

I did see several photos of P. maximum too, but didn't think this is the same species as the leaves have much deeper, more regular and pronounced often yellower lateral veins than those on your specimen.

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OK, so please then identify my specimen! I was really hoping that someone could simply state that my plant is 'definitely an XYZ'!

How can I get my plant identified please?

There seems to be plenty of conjecture and opinion here, but no definitive identification.

Please excuse my impatience as a first-time user of this service, but I thought that experts would be able to immediately identify my plant, especially given the detailed description and high resolution images that I have provided?



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This site is primarily aimed at ID of wildlife, I'm not sure that any of us use it for houseplants any more than we would for domestic pets. There are experts on here but most of us are amateur spotters and I suggest, as I mentioned before, that you consult a gardening website or book, as I should have to in order to ID this. If you find there that there are no exact matches, then perhaps you have a hybrid plant that is not a particular species

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if you browse the site you will see that species level...cannot

always be identified, although i'm sure someone else may be able to, i was just trying to be helpful. sorry!

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Thanks for that Jan, sorry for my message, I will look in a book for more information!