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Dolerus ferrugatus

Observed: 12th July 2009 By: grahamcgrahamc’s reputation in Invertebrates
Unidentified sawfly larva Sapcote Leicestershire (taken 12.7.2009)

Dolerus ferrugatus sawfly larva is Yellowish with orange head and black spots along its side. When I uploaded this picture in November 2009 I didn't know what species it was - I have now been told by experts that it is Dolerus ferrugatus

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Sorry, I can't make any suggestions for this one. It looks like it is on a stem of a rush (Carex sp.), but I guess that doesn't necessarily mean it was feeding on rush, might just have moved there from a nearby plant. There are several sawfly species that do feed on rush but I don't know what they all look like.

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I did mean to say "rush" but I shouldn't have said "Carex sp." (which are sedges), I meant Juncus sp. Unfortunately the same comments apply about there being a number of potential sawfly species feeding on Juncus.

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