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Exidia? Auricularia?

Observed: 24th December 2009 By: Blewit Boy
Cardiff Naturalists' Society
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Looked like Jelly Ears, Auricularia auricularia-judae, but flesh was a lot thicker and not forming the characteristic cup-shape that that species does. Now think it maybe Exidia recisa after seeing some photos of that species.


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The clue will be in the wood -

Auricularia prefers elder, while Exidia recisa is usually on willows, poplars and sometimes cherries. It's also usually near a pond or stream, for some reason.
I think this is Auricularia, for what it's worth.

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The trouble is.......

The trouble is it's hard to tell what species of tree wood fungi is growing on if that wood is dead. It was a while ago I saw this so I don't honestly recall what wood it might've been. Have you seen A.auricularia-judae with such thick flesh before?


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It really is hard to tell. I

It really is hard to tell. I wouldn't like to say for sure, but you pictures look more like A.auricularia-judae to me. Was it very soft and gelatinous, or was it more rubbery? The Exidia I saw was really floppy. I think your top right photo shows some hint of the "ear" shape.

Mushroom Lady

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Other possibilities

What a minefield it is to identify jelly fungi! What about Ascocoryne cylichnium?

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Thanks for.........

Thanks for the suggestion Janet. It's still a puzzle, as I'm not sure it was Ascocoryne cylichnium. The colour and shape of mine doesn't look quite right for that species.


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"Thick" specimens of Jelly Ear -

Yes, I have occasionally seen thick specimens (always assuming of course, that I've identified them correctly!).
I reckon, again with the proviso of correct identification, that I see a lot more examples of this species than any of the other "jelly" fungi.

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Have put Auricularia but not

Have put Auricularia but not terribly confident.
in this observation on old ash log (looking rather like your observation) I am more confident that its Auricularia and just wonder if yours has just got more water filled and flabby after the cold weather. On the other hand it might be something else.