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First Moths of the Year

Observed: 8th January 2011 By: DavidHowdon
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1799 Winter Moth_D_12
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The first moths I have seen this year. Found after dark by torchlight.

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Do You

Look's in excellent condition,do you use a moth trap,and if so can you make them yourself as I have never seen any plans to make one only the one's you buy which are too expensive for a novice like myself.


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I have just seen your message and I hope David will not mind me butting in - You should have a look at Paul Batty's web site (use Google) as he has everything from complete traps down to key bits and pieces. You can purchase the electrics and then build your own trap with either a plastic bucket or a largish plastic storage box. If you do get trapping you will not stay a "novice" for long!

PS I'm not a Paul Batty shareholder

Robert Homan

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Yes I run a trap, although all of these were caught without one (the three traps running that night caught nothing).

I purchased my trap from Anglian Lepidopterist Supplies (http://www.angleps.com/) and they used to sell the plans for making your own for about £1 - not sure if they still do.

Have a look at blended bulbs which although expensive (and prone to exploding in the rain) can be used without specialist electronic equipment so make it easier to incorporate in your own trap.

David Howdon

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Thank you will look at the web site and get started and hopefully get some nice finds.