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Crossbills male and female

Observed: 9th January 2011 By: yanyan’s reputation in Birdsyan’s reputation in Birdsyan’s reputation in Birds
Male crossbill
Male crossbill 2
Male crossbill 3
Female crossbill
Female crossbill 2
Female crossbill 3

Feeding in some very tall larches, (right at the limit of my camera zoom, so pics not great) with three long tailed finches (you can see one of these in the 3rd female pic).

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Great to see, thanks!

How lovely to see these and have enough time to take the photos too! My camera zoom would not have coped so well! I think they are long tailed tits in the background.

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yes long tailed tits

Thanks Janet, they're the first cross bills I've seen so v. exciting for me. You're right about the tits, I had finches on the brain when writing! Thanks for your comment. Yan.