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Observed: 8th January 2011 By: Derek Fearnside
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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This bright mauve coloured growth was found on a silver birch stump on acid soil. It appears to be a foliose lichen, but other opinion was that it was a fungus. The colour was very striking, could the very cold weather have affected it?


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Silverleaf Fungus

Many thanks for the ID, I will share it with other members of the conservation work group.

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I have revised my ID. On

I have revised my ID. On reflection, I think it more likely to be the Purplepore Bracket (T. abietinum). I can't be certain, though.

Mushroom Lady

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Revised ID

Many thanks, Mushroom Lady. I thought the 4th image from the left on 'Other observations of Silverleaf fungus' (above) looked like the specimen that I saw, but having looked at images of your revised ID I'm not so sure. At least I now know it isn't a foliose lichen, observations of which formed our first activity in Neighbourhood Nature!

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Revised ID

Sorry, 5th image from the left.