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Observed: 7th November 2010 By: kipa
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This bush is in our back garden and has been there since we moved in some 13 - 14 years ago. In that time it has grown from approx 12 inches high to it's present height of about 7 feet tall. It has been suggested it is self-seeded, but this cannot be verified or denied. It is certainly an evergreen of some sort as it only drops leaves as they're replaced, but it does bloom three and occasionally four times per year across all seasons. Now, (08/0/2011) and despite all the recent snow and freezing temperatures, it still has flowers on it. Observation over the years doesn't lead me to believe that it is particularly attractive to bees, butterflies or any other one type of insect, but presumably something is pollinating it for it to be able to flower. However, it does not appear to produce any readily apparent seeds or fruit. So, has anyone got any idea what it is?

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Not needed

You do not have to have pollination to produce a flower,pollination is to fertilise a flower to produce seed.This is a very hardy evergreen winter flowering shrub.


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Bush pic 2 ref. Viburnum tinus

Thanks everyone for info. You can tell I know nothing about plants but now I can learn more about this one!