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Observed: 23rd December 2009 By: rob winter

Partridge type bird

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Sorry...Reeves's, not Reeve's. Named after John Reeves.


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Strictly speaking then it

Strictly speaking then it would be Reeves' Pheasant... (end pedant mode...) :)

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You are correct, if the assumption is that Reeves is a plural noun. If, however, it is considered a singular, as it is a part of a name (referring to one person), then Reeves's would be the correct form of the possessive.

I am happy with the latter, as suggested above.


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is it the long tail

what is it that makes this a reeves's.

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All of the plumage.

If you compare the plumage with any of the various plumages of Common Pheasant you will (hopefully) see that all of the plumage differs.
The long tail and the head pattern are the most obvious, but the pattern on the body is also different.