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Footprints(?) in the snow

Observed: 18th December 2010 By: farletonfeller

Track in new snow - "stride length" about 22cms, each main print about 7cms across with long tapering tail

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The prints probably contain front and rear feet with the tail behind. This points to a rodent of some type. Big rat perhaps, they often hold their tails quite low.I have pet rats and if they dont want to walk on a surface they move in a way that would generate similar prints. Just an idea.

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My estimate of stride length probably a bit iffy - done from photo afterwards, may have been longer.
We do have stoats and weasels around; in fact, I heard, then saw, a stoat take a rabbit yesterday about a half mile from where the tracks were - lots of rolling and squealing until a young labrador tried to join in and chased the (very cross) stoat around for a while until I managed to call her off (rabbit dead/stoat ok).
There is currently a debate about whether we have pine martens locally - we're all being asked to look out for signs (like road kill), but no conclusive evidence yet.
I'm going for stoat on this one. Thanks for comments.

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I've gone with rat on this one because of the thin dragged tail mark, you would not expect to see this with stoat or weasels; the latter avoid walking in snow if they can help it, when deeper they prefer to burrow.

The length of 22" is at the longer end of a rat's bound but I still feel this is rat because of the tail mark.

Graham Banwell

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