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Snail with flare

Observed: 8th November 2009 By: miked
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A 5mm long snail spotted while photographing a mushroom. So I put on a couple of extension tubes to get more enlargement but unfortunately this caused severe flare in the centre of the picture (the white fuzzy area, the picture has been cropped so it appears off centre now).

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It is a young one, only about

It is a young one, only about half-grown.

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Long wait!

I'd say a Balea (heydeni) - shape mostly but the hint an non-Clausilla angle at the mouth end and the transparency at tuther. Also the striation on the shell helps.
See mine http://www.ispot.org.uk/node/312272 (the first for iSpot) and now two others nearby.

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dejayM, Might have another

Might have another look for them, they are really tiny though and am sure my eyesight is getting worse. How did you spot those really tiny ones shown in your observation?

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Yes, do look again Mike. They

Yes, do look again Mike. They are long-time residents in most woodland and do look in the walls too - lift a few flat stones and look underneath.
Once you get your eye in you will wonder how you missed them before.
There are very good chance that several species will be present and, as you know, once you START looking closely, other things rear up!
Here's my local Forum thread - http://orkneynature.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=snailsnslugs&action=di...
To get the best from my pics there, you'll have to register - won't hurt
As you see, I got even less response than here - is that possible?
Tell me how you get on.

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Don't suppose you get any

Don't suppose you get any cepaea snails up there? http://www.evolutionmegalab.org/ another one of our projects, I don't remember entering any of the historic data from Orkney.

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They do but I have paid no attention (bad eh!).
I can say that the 'community' here seems not to submit to National Databases as often as it should.
NBN shows that they ARE here.
Michael Kerney himself must have spent many happy days here.
Anything I can do?

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Evolution megalab data has

Evolution megalab data has been analysed and published but the website is still open and people are still actively using it across europe so it would be interesting to add data from your area. it could be that the population has relatively recently arrived in which case the genetics people could be particularly interested in it.

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Good 'old' Martin has been.
I can't agree (on bidentata), based only on my experience. The head/mouth angle is quite suspiciously Balea (see Long Wait above).
I need to get back on the case - I became so fed up writing up for the local journal, that I dropped them as soon as I'd completed.
I need to get back..they are fascinatng..