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Pyrausta purpuralis

Observed: 26th May 2007 By: allrounderallrounder’s reputation in Invertebratesallrounder’s reputation in Invertebratesallrounder’s reputation in Invertebratesallrounder’s reputation in Invertebrates
Pyrausta purpuralis

Think it is this species. Up close, beauty wise the small micro moths certainly give their larger cousins and butterflies a run for their money

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Beautiful Image

Nicely captured detail. Bravo!

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Beautiful indeed

But why specifically go for Pyrausta purpuralis? Can Pyrausta ostrinalis
be safely ruled out on the basis of this upperside view?

Robert Homan

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What a beauty, velvetty ...

What a beauty, velvetty ...


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Haven't seen one with a solid line like this on the wings,usually seem to be more broken/bloblike... are they very variable?

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I plumped for P. pupuralis on

I plumped for P. pupuralis on the basis that this is the closest I can find in my limited books. I am the first to say I know far less about the micros that I do about the macro species. I posted it to share it's beauty and not for a specific I.D. How do you separate the species? Is it the hindwing or observing genitalia under a microscope that's diagnostic

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