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Fossilised plant?

Observed: 7th January 2011 By: matt waterson

Light brown stone found in garden, approx. 70x50mm. On one side there is a hollow, in which there is a 'perfectly round' 8mm hole about 3mm deep. At the bottom of the hole is what looks like a fossilised plant with 5 'petals'.

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what a find!

What an interesting stone! The hole certainly has incredibly regular sides and a bevelled edge all the way round, looks almost man-made. The flower too has been placed absolutely central and is also very regular, seems too regularly positioned for accidental. I wouldn't have thought a soft small flower like that were capable of making a fossil?

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I would suspect human agency

I would suspect human agency here. The perfect circularity, smooth sides, and bevelled edges to the hole do not look natural. I also think (though as a non-geologist) that this is not typical fossiliferous rock.



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something similar

I've got something similar... have a look at

even our photos are similar :)


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Great stuff, so now we know, the mystery is solved. The most amazing thing is how perfectly circular the hole is and how 'square' the sides of the hole are to the bottom.