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Observed: 19th February 2010 By: hughcarter95

Fronds up to 12cm long, rigid, hard and brittle. Lower shore rockpool

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Size of plant

a length of 12 cm seems a bit long for C.officinalis. Bunker and others in the Seasearch Guide to Seaweeds give the length as 7cm. On the other hand Achmelvich in the Highlands is probably too far north for the specimen to be C.elongata which grows up to 20cm. I have only ever seen C.officinalis at this site.

Mike Kendall

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Hayward and others in the

Hayward and others in the Collins guide to the Sea Shore gives the length of C.officinalis as up to 120mm. However it also says that this species is usually much shorter than that. Perhaps it was merely an unusually large clump.

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Place this in Plants and maybe mark it as Marine and I'll agree.

Mike, C.elengata is now Ellisolandia elongata (WoRMS)Annoying eh!