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Sea Hare

Observed: 19th February 2010 By: hughcarter95hughcarter95’s reputation in Invertebrateshughcarter95’s reputation in Invertebrates

Moving slowly around the floor of a fairly shallow (20-30 cm deep) rock pool in no apparent direction. About 6-7 cm long. it seemed to be anchoring itself to the bottom of the rock pool and waving its head around to filter out food particles for most of the time i was observing it. lower shore.

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Aplysia punctata behaviour

In Oceanography And Marine Biology an Annual Review,* field & lab work showed that the preferred seaweed of choice is Plocamium cartilagineum. I do not think it has been observed to be a filter feeder, so its recorded behaviour here is probably due to some other reason.
*Carefoot, T.H. 1987, vol 25 page 204 which I read from a google search.