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Crustose Lichens on Hazel

Observed: 4th January 2011 By: Maryargyll
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Crustose Lichens
Crustose Lichens
Crustose Lichens

These lichens are all growing on branches of the hazel tree which is my field study. I think there are at least six different species here maybe many more.


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  • Map lichens (Graphidion)
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The brown apothecia

The brown apothecia (disc-shaped fruiting bodies) in the first photo are probably Lecanora chlarotera.

'Map lichen' usually refers to Rhizocarpon geographicum which is found on rocks:

Sandy and Brian Coppins give a much better description of the 'Graphidion' (or 'Script lichens) community than I can in the link below:

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Thank you for those links.

Thank you for those links.