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Maggoty Blewit

Observed: 4th January 2011 By: Blewit Boy
Cardiff Naturalists' Society
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Does anyone know what larvae these might be?

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Might be a Lepista, did you

Might be a Lepista, did you find it on 4 jan 2011? must have resisted all that snow and severe frosts, the only things I've seen recently are velvet shank which were happily developing under the snow and are now fully out.
actually now just seen your other Lepista observation and realised date was correct and it looked to be protected by dense conifer.

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Hi Mike......

Hi Mike. Yes I found this on the 4th Jan 2011 too. It was protected by the canopy of a large Cryptomeria tree. I'm still finding macro fungi this way. I believe the canopy of some trees, especially evergreens, produce sheltered climatic conditions that are still favourable to fungal growth. Those growing in deep leaf/needle litter, bark chip or on dead wood seem to be less affected by subzero temperatures too. Find your nearest large evergreen tree and take a look underneath it, you never know what you might find!

You mention Velvet Shank, which is of course well known for being "frost proof". I suppose it must contain the fungal version of anti-freeze!

I added this observation to the invertebrates catagory, as I'd like to know what the maggot larvae munching on the flesh are. Any ideas??


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fly larvae

I'm fairly sure these are larvae of a fly, but there are a lot of different species, from different families, that feed in fungi and I'm not able to narrow it down much.

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Okay, thanks for that info Martin. It's helpful nonetheless.