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Bullfinch, Woburn Sands, 25.12.10

Observed: 25th December 2010 By: Peter SkeltonPeter Skelton’s reputation in BirdsPeter Skelton’s reputation in Birds
bullfinch, Woburn Sands, 25.12.10

Recent winter snowfalls brought several less-usually seen visitors to our garden, to feed (although we don't put out food for them, as we have a cat ... By the way, is there a solution to this dilemma, other than the obvious response from ailurophobes?). On this occasion, I observed this male, together with a female (not photographed).

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Siting feeders -

If you have a cat (own or visiting), site the feeders well away from cover where a cat can lurk. Food falling on the floor attracts the birds, which can then be predated.
This will make hanging feeders less popular, as many birds like to approach from cover, usually downwards, to the feeder.
Feeding tables can be caged - either bought as such, or a diy job: this will also reduce wood (& town)pigeon problems - they eat a lot , then tend to squat on what's left, burping quietly, until they are hungry again!
You can also put the cage on the ground itself - not perfect, but will help.

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the feeding dilemma, birds versus cats

Many thanks, Roger, for this helpful advice - much appreciated,