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Observed: 12th August 2010 By: hughcarter95

On the side of a very deep rockpool surrounded by seaweeds. No more than 3cm long


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As nobody else has commented....

I'm pretty sure these are gastropod mollusc eggs but I'm not too sure where we go from there. They could be from a sea-slug.

It would help to know a little more about the texture; was the egg ribbon gelatinous or did it have a tough coat.

It would be good to hear views of others.

Mike Kendall

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The egg ribbon was gelatinous

The egg ribbon was gelatinous as apose to having a tough coat. It was also the only specimin in sight around the edge of the rockpool - hope this helps


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They are probably sea slug eggs

If its a gelatinous egg ribbon I'd tend towards it coming from a sea-slug. I ca't tell which.

Mike Kendall

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An old post but I often visit History.
Even though it "was gelatinous as apose [sic] to having a tough coat.." I think this might be a Tunicate and I'd be interested in more opinion (than above).
Look here the Zooids are not always arranged in perfect shapes.
Either way, if Hugh is still active then please change the group to Invertebrate - it is, surely?