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Is it possible to determine if wood or house mouse from this ?

Observed: 18th December 2010 By: jan_rixjan_rix’s reputation in Mammalsjan_rix’s reputation in Mammalsjan_rix’s reputation in Mammals
dead mouse 18th December 2010 1
dead mouse 18th December 2010 2
dead mouse 18th December 2010 3
dead mouse 18th December 2010 4

seems to have quite large ears and warm-brown rather than greyish fur. found in attic which is open at the eaves to the outside; nearby cache of hazel-nut shells. we have heard alot of scurrying up there at nights during the autumn months. no particular "mousey" smell but maybe that goes after death

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Wood mouse -

I think: having clicked to agree, I had doubts when I looked at the apparent colour of the second shot. This is more house-mouse grey. The others seem to be more wood-mouse brown, and as pointed out, the ears are quite large.

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perhaps the washed-out colour in the second shot...

...could be an effect from over-exposure due to camera flash at close range? all are of the same animal

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Yes - very likely

As I say, overall impression is of a wood mouse.

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The distinct demarcation line

The distinct demarcation line between pale underside and brown uppers strongly suggests Wood Mouse, as does the caching of nuts and nut shells

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