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Footprint in the snow

Observed: 25th December 2010 By: Gail

just wondered if anyone could help us identify this footprint in the snow that we found in our back garden on Xmas day. The footprint next to it is my husbands size 7 boots to give some perspective size-wise, we thought it was too large for a fox? but don't have any large dogs around - any ideas?

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I can't see the picture: it may not have attached. Try editing the observation and re-attach. Wait until you see the thumbnail!

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It's a rabbit, or possibly hare, sitting, it has shuffled its left front paw. The smaller prints are the front paws and the long prints are the hind legs. Sitting because the small prints are in front of the long prints. If moving they would be the other way round, and further apart. were there any other such prints around? Have a look on iSpot for rabbit/hare prints and you'll find half a dozen to compare it with - though they are all moving as I recall.

Graham Banwell

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