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Feeding on the village football pitch

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Curlews are always 'great

Curlews are always 'great value', with their wild springtime calls, a sound that gives me goosebumps every time I hear it on the north east of England's wonderful uplands.

Good to see this observation from Lochinver. I had a brilliant fortnight's birdwatching and walking holiday in that area in May (!)1999. We got soaked, literally, every single day, but I'll never forget the sights and sounds. Watching otters in the bay outisde of our cottage, seeing a summer plumage great northern diver displaying on the loch next to the village school and ushering my 'mum-in-law' away from an 'alarm-calling thrush' that, as I pointed out to her, was trying to get back to its nest in a gorse brake. The 'thrush' was a redwing! A simply superb area!

Good to see you enjoying this 'whaap' as the guys from Shetland call them.