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Mauge's shelled slug - Testacella maugei

Observed: 2nd November 2009 By: kieren
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The shelled slug, Testacella maugei, which is predatory slug feeding on earthworms and other slugs. The shelled slugs get their name from the presence of a small "fingernail-like" shell.

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Very nice, I've always wanted

Very nice, I've always wanted to see one of these, are they fairly common in that area?

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Fairly common I'd say

They do seem to be fairly common in south Bristol. I turn them up reasonably frequently when digging in the garden. The foot is a light yellowy orange and tends to be quite conspicuous against dark soil. They feel solid too, not like other slugs that tend to feel soft when you pick them up. Interestingly I've only ever found T. maugei and neither of the other two species.

This is the first time I've seen one "on the move". I spotted it moving across the pavement when I was walking to work. After taking the picture I moved it out of the way so it didn't get squashed.

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What a brilliant beast, never

What a brilliant beast, never seen one in the northeast, though I have looked.

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That 'finger nail' shell gives me the creeps lol!


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