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Track in Georgia, USA

Observed: 31st December 2010 By: PeterThomas
animal print

Any ideas are welcomed, Thank-you

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Do you think.............

Do you think it could be a bear print?


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Two paws are confusinger than one.

It almost looks like two paw prints overlayed.

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Bear print?

The things you learn... I googled "bear paw print", only to discover that it is a very popular tattoo design, so produced a lot of unwanted hits - including discussions about whether having one indicates that the tattooee (or whatever the word is) is gay.
ediblebritain is right, I think: there are two prints superimposed here: very hard to say what it might be, but isn't a small beast!

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Dog family

I am no expert on mammals of the USA but this looks like a large dog print overlaying an earlier print to me perhaps from a trotting animal when they tend to overlap.You can see claws so not a large cat. Doesn't look broad enough for a bear and only has 4 pads whereas a bear has 5.