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Slime mould with wierd creatures (if slime moulds are not wierd enough)

Observed: 8th November 2009 By: miked
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I don't know if the white material is part of the myxo or if its gone mouldy but either way something is eating the white material and it appears to have a huge number of legs. The slime mould lump itself is about 1-2cm tall so the creatures are rather small and I did not notice them when I took the photo.


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weird creatures

Well, I definitely agree with the weird part! I suspect they must be beetle larvae, but I don't know what type. Some beetles are known to be associated with slime moulds, but not sure if they have larvae that look like this. Might be worth reposting in the Invertebrates section to see if anyone else knows what it is?

Incidentally, some recently described species of slime-mould beetles in the USA were named after George Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, see:

Vol. 15 of The Mycologist has an article on biodiversity associated with slime moulds, you don't have access to that by any chance do you?:

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When I tried to look up this

When I tried to look up this paper I could not get it but instead the database returned:

"Oscillation patterns in cytoplasmic networks of the Physarum plasmodium. 4th International Conference on Traffic and Granular Flow, Date: OCT 15-17, 2001 NAGOYA UNIV NAGOYA JAPAN"

something to do with traffic flow in cities being the same speed as slime moulds perhaps?

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I'd say this was an old

I'd say this was an old specimen of Stemonitis fusca that's been overgrown with a mould (and most moulds on myxos are soecific to myxos). No comment on the animal - wrong kingdom for me.

Jerry C

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Went back to same place a

Went back to same place a week later and added 3rd picture showing the mighty stems of the slime mould covered in the white fungus. I was actually looking for the invertebrates but they had run off.

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beetle larvae

they're probably carpet beetle larvae


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I did not notice them when I took the photo.

The amount of time that's happened to me :)