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Fungi red N574

Observed: 4th September 2009 By: spacemouses

appox 15mm diameter. Damp ground grazed by sheep sometimes.


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Some fungi are very poisonous so a mistaken ID could have serious consequences.

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This is a really................

This is a nice cap. What a cheerful little thing to discover!


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Agreed -

very pretty fungus. It seems to have escaped Roger Phillips collection, but there are images elsewhere that confirm it.

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book to get

I got it from a book called The Encyclopedia of Fungi of Britain and Europe excellent photo's by Michail Jorden, quite a large book and the best I have found for ID's


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Collins Guide

The Collins guide has it too.

Mushroom Lady

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We won't even mention.............

We won't even mention Marcel Bon. Is that book ever coming out?


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Who is this, never heard of the book,do you know if it is any good,there should be one on just Bracket fungus and how to ID them,never seem to have any luck with them.


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Marcel Bon is...........

Marcel Bon is an eminent French mycologist. His book is "Mushrooms and Toadstools of Britain and North-West Europe" was first published in 1987, but there is a new edition whose publication has been delayed many times. It is finally supposed to be available for purchase sometime in 2011. Lets hope it is!! Check out this link: