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Strange Markings

Observed: 30th December 2010 By: sl7246sl7246’s reputation in Birds

Two Coal Tits visit my garden regularly that have unusual dark smudges, on both left and right hand sides, between the tibia and the wing. I have never seen anything like it. And it is the first time I have ever been able to identify individual Coal Tits.
Does anyone know if this is at all unusual?

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Are these marks actually

Are these marks actually unusually dark feathers, or have feathers been lost, revealing dark bases of those behind? The LH picture might suggest this, but it is fuzzy.

It is odd that two birds should show this feature, and on both sides. If feathers are missing, maybe a skin disease?



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Lost feathers.

I would agree that in both these photos the dark patches are because of lost feathers.

No idea as to the cause though.