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Badger and fox

Observed: 21st May 2008 By: leenestofvipersleenestofvipers’s reputation in Mammalsleenestofvipers’s reputation in Mammalsleenestofvipers’s reputation in Mammals
Badger and fox

Fox and badger feeding in my mum's garden in Bristol.

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A great sight -

two nocturnal beasts in daylight!
Although foxes often occupy unused corners of badger sets, the relationship is, I'm told, not a cosy one.
Many years ago, I saw a wildlife film shot in the Norfolk Broads. The camera showed a fox trotting along a path, disappearing into the reeds: then panned to show a badger heading in the opposite direction on the same path. Nothing else was seen for some moments, until suddenly the fox shot up into the air, above the reeds. I guess that the badger had the right of way!

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The fox looks to have a severe case of the mange, poor thing.

Graham Banwell

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