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I was wondering if bibliography might not have its own forum rather than being buried in the general discussion forum.It could be merged with the the field guide thread.

Could it not be given the same staus as photography?

People might be more ready to post if they saw such a forum.

I'm not sure if you would want to subdivide this into books for plants, birds,fish etc but this would be my ideal.




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There is a thread along similar lines at, i'd be hoping for a fairly interactive approach to a bibiography rather than a static list of books.

Tachinid Recording Scheme

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Re Biblography

I joined ispot today and mentioned which books I referred to when identifying fauna or flora to some individuals who asked for help. Might the way forward be to tell people what book/s you referred to when suggesting information? If more than one contributer of info mentions a particular book, recipients of info will know that that books is useful. If a book goes out of print, people will know which past contributer of info has a copy of the said book and can be called on for help.

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I think that - as has been discussed in another thread - internet resources are equally important, and would merit listing.
Sites such as
are very useful, and can show a lot more images than a hard-copy book, especially field guides.
Web sites are also more readily updated, but they do have the down-side that there are misidentified photos out there (even my non-expert eye can spot some of them), and some text that can best be described as wishful thinking.