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Observed: 26th December 2010 By: brycchan
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Rooks and jackdaws often seem as common on beaches as waders and seabirds. This rook was digging around in the seaweed for something - worms or molluscs, I guess.

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I'm not convinced it's a Rook from this photo, although the clarity is not great. The bill seems quite thick and rather rounded at the tip, more like a Carrion Crow?


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It is certainly not a Rook,

It is certainly not a Rook, but I am reluctant to agree to the C Crow ID as there is a bit of a Raveny look about the head and tail. Is that a possibility?



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I agree

That's why I didn't add Carrion Crow as an ID...there is nothing to gauge size by.


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This looks like Carrion Crow

This looks like Carrion Crow to me. The picture shows the bird to have a bill that is thick and well curved, typical of crow. Rooks have a more pointy bill. Also Rook is a bird of agriculture found mostly on arable land. I have never in my experience found Rooks on a beach. I have however encountered crows on several occasions. I know this is not diagnostic as lots of birds have been found away from their usual habitats because of the weather in search of food.

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