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Heron and swan

Observed: 27th December 2010 By: Jane FD
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This heron was outnumbered by swans, coots and mallards all hoping for some bread from local children. The wigeon sitting on the ice took no interest.

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birds on ice

I can't see any wigeon in these photos. Apart from the swans and the heron most of the other birds are coots, with a few mallard, 1 or 2 tufted ducks and some black-headed gulls. 6 species in a single frame is pretty good going!

Bob Ford

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Nice shot -

really puts the size of the bird against the swans into perspective.

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heron and swan

The Wigeon were out of the photo frame, they were on the water close to the ice.
Many Canada Geese were close by as well. It really helped the bird ID so as many of the reservoir birds were concentrated in small areas of melted ice.