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Observed: 22nd October 2010 By: fr882
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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I've added the scientific names along with the English names that I use for these species. The scientific names are important because they are more or less standard whereas the English names vary from region to region. I had never heard of egg wrack before for example!

Bob Ford

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Sea Weeds.

Apologies to Bob for my late entries.
As no Scientific names were added I decided to enter my own versions. Now I see the Scientific names were added to the original entry. I am leaving my two ID's for further comments as cannot see any way to delete them at this stage.


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The middle plant

The middle plant is a very damaged small kelp. It could be L.digitata or L.hyperborea. In this sort of specimen its useful to see shape of the cross-section of the stipe.

Can't see any Pelvetia on the image.

Mike Kendall