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Sea Campion

Observed: 18th October 2010 By: cg682
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Sea Campion

Ground cover with dark green oval leaves around hairy stem. 5 white overlapping petals.

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Sea Campion

Corrected scientific name to Silene maritima
which comes up as Silene uniflora. Obviously
a correction unknown to me. Sorry! Dave.

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Sea campion

No problem, Dave. I also had the name Silena maritima which i-spot corrected.

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not White

It is not White campion,as white has not got overlapping petals and the petal is also split on white,so it is sea campion.


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The leaves and calyx are

The leaves and calyx are totally wrong for Sea Campion. It looks like typical White Campion to me.

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Thanks Tiggrx. I've puzzled

Thanks Tiggrx. I've puzzled over this one for a while - trying to identify it from descriptions and drawings. Thanks for your help.

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Thanks for comment. It was

Thanks for comment. It was the overlapping petals that swayed my choice. I'll have a look at them both in on-line encyclopaedia!