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Observed: 27th December 2010 By: maryw3
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Pale green 'catkins' with a reddy tinge to them. Many main trunks to the tree/bush. Catkins appeared approx October and remain on the plant. Possibly Grey Alder - except that there are no cones. Buds appear singularly on the twigs. Trunks are coppery - green with horizontal flecks. Any suggestions?

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Alnus Species/Corylus avellana

Thanks for your comments cricketmoth, and to all who've posted photos. My problem with this ID is that field study guides say catkins appear in Jan/Feb. These appeared Octoberish before the really cold snap. Although they are very like the photo from jmd337.

Any explanations???

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I'm going with your expertise - thanks for the comments and agreements!