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Rhizostoma octopus

Observed: 22nd July 2002 By: Annie Ellen
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Rhizostoma octopus

Found at 8am marooned on the beach within the Teign estuary. Note the foot to indicate size. Put me off swimming!

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They are reportedly.............

They are reportedly not able to sting humans.


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I've been stung however

I was foolhardy enough to try to get a beached one back in the water (using gardening gloves & a bit of netting), but got stung on the arms. It was as painful as a nettle sting & lasted about as long. NB it seems(to me) most likely that any sizeable beached jellyfish is paralyzed by the landing & so can't be 'rescued'

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NBN Gateway

calls Rhizostoma octopus "Barrel jellyfish". NBN distribution map shows a single 10km square for it in Devon, which happens to be right at the mouth of the Teign estuary, which looks good for your ID.

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The images of Rhizostoma octopus

look quite convincing as well. I will retitle this observation.

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Incidentally, where there is

Incidentally, where there is an ID posted which you think is correct, just click 'I agree' rather than posting a new ID - it's called 'add a revision' for a reason! If there's a particular reason why you agree, post it in the comments, as you have here

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