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Front Garden Goldcrest

Observed: 27th December 2010 By: jccurdjccurd’s reputation in Birdsjccurd’s reputation in Birdsjccurd’s reputation in Birdsjccurd’s reputation in Birds

We are lucky enough to have a Goldcrest or two that frequently feed in a conifer in our front garden. They are devilishly difficult to photograph though. At least this shot is vaguely recognisable.

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That's a smashing shot :-)

That's a smashing shot :-)


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You're being extremely modest with your comments. This is a cracking shot in difficult light conditions (snow) of a difficult, highly active species.

Please see my Flickr photo's www.flickr.com/photos/129804972@N07/

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Thanks guys ...

... your appreciative comments are very welcomed.

You're right, the lighting was difficult yesterday in that there wasn't enough of it around. This was 800 ASA so completely impossible on my old beautifully coloured but dreadfully slow slide film (50 ASA - 4 stops slower).