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Brown rat Rattus norvegicus

Observed: 25th December 2010 By: miked
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Brown rat Rattus norvegicus
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Awe he's..........

Awe he's cute................!


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Particularly like the

Particularly like the whiskers and little red feet, possibly a little chilly in the -7C temperature.

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ispot has a particularly..........

ispot has a particularly annoying tendancy to crop photos when they're enlarged. Both the smaller and bigger enlargements of your rat shot crop the photo very unsympathetically! Instead of giving more detail, they actually take away/detract from the subject as a whole. Can anything be done about this? Perhaps some reprogramming?


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The whole photo is there if

The whole photo is there if you open it full-sized, but as you say, it is something of a pain - especially if the salient feature is towards the sides of the picture!

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Here is a...........

Here is a classic example of what I mean. When you enlarge the photo in this post, the elargement completely crops off all detail and key features!

How do you open the photo "full sized" rimo?



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To open full size .....

click on the text below the image.

Howardian Local Nature Reserve

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Thanks Rodger.................

Thanks Roger. I didn't realise that was possible and I've been on this site for ages. How silly of me.