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Burrowing animal hole and footprint

Observed: 26th December 2010 By: bpb24
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Looks like............

Looks like a dog print to me.


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me too

My dog's does this in the snow,so I would agree with Chris it look's like a large dog paw print.


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The print is given as 2-3cm

The print is given as 2-3cm across, which would be a very small dog indeed, especially in snow. I don't think it is a good enough print to identify. Are you able definitely to connect the print with the beast in the hole?



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It seems to be a muddy print

It seems to be a muddy print on frozen snow, rather than making an impression on the surface, so the print is smaller than the paw than left it (as opposed to an impression left in soft snow where the reverse is true).
It certainly looks OK for dog, but there are definitely other possibilities which can't be ruled out from this shot

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Animal hole and footprint

The hole in the bank goes in at least 15cm, with the animal tracks travelling directly from the hole at a diagonal across a footpath, then disappearing under a gap in a garden fence.

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If it is actually using a

If it is actually using a hole that size, a small mustelid (Stoat, Mink, Ferret, Polecat) would be in the size range. What we see is not typical of any of these, though. If pushed hard, I would go for Cat (which might have been inspecting the hole, perhaps, in hope of dinner), which is also in the right size range. The toes don't look splayed enough for a dog, and the mark is the wrong shape and on the small side even for a Fox.



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Hole and print

At 6cm I'd go for wood mouse for the hole.

The print is too indistinct to be sure what made it. However, there is one point in favour of cat, I can not see any claw marks - all other options would be expected to show claw marks in snow.

Graham Banwell

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