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Not yellow brain

Observed: 7th November 2009 By: miked
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 MG 5006
 MG 5003

Yellow jelly like fungus resembling Bulgaria inquinans but yellow not black. Growing on beech twig


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Maybe. The picture on the

Maybe. The picture on the left is certainly a candidate for Ditiola (Femsjonia) peziziformis. I'm less convinced by the morphology on the right, and the fact that I can see the buried ostioles of a pyrenomycete in the wood makes me suspicious that this is a parasitic heterobasidiomycete, i.e. a Tremella or relative, rather than a member of the dacrymycetales. Did it have tuning-fork basidia and multi-septate spores, or cruciate basidia! You could guess all day about macro-photographs but you really need micro-features for many fungi to say anything objective.

Jerry C

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I think this is all the same

I think this is all the same thing, the image on the left is just a part of the image on the right (actually towards the back righthand part). the colour of the one on the right is correct, the image on the left has a colour shift caused by including the white card with scale on. I agree about the microscopic features. Can you suggest a good guide to how to go about obtaining the microscopic features that we could include on ispot e.g. link to web page or what to include in newly written material.