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Observed: 26th December 2010 By: marilynmmarilynm’s reputation in Birdsmarilynm’s reputation in Birds

Could be a snipe but this bird has blocked pattern on head - snipes have more linear stripes.
Very chunky bird, went straight into fast flight when it left, so couldn't comment on underside colour or length of legs.

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Lucky to get the picture,

Lucky to get the picture, they've always exploded out of woodland before I've seen them. I think there are lots of migrants over here at the moment.

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I was definitely lucky to look out the back at the right moment -it was sitting very still and it took me a minute to realise what it was and grab a camera.
As soon as it realised it had company (I was not very successfully trying to get in a better position!) it exited at very high speed.

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Yes That Is A Woodcock. Was

Yes That Is A Woodcock.
Was That Photo Taken AT Night Because If It Was Not Then You Are Very Lucky Because Woodcocks Are Nocturnal. :)


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Woodcock in broad daylight

The winter weather has forced many of these normally-shy, crepuscular (dawn and dusk) birds to feed in broad daylight. Since Woodcock probe the ground for invertebrates, they suffer when it is frozen. As a result, it has not been unusual to see dead or starving Woodcocks over recent weeks. Two have taken up residence, for the time being, in a friend's garden, where they are openly probing the soil, which now has started to melt, providing them with some success in finding food. Unusually, I have seen at least one Woodcock most days over the Christmas period.