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starlings,pied wagtail,sparrow,

i live just a half kilometer from my mother, we both like to feed and watch the birds and i have noticed that although i get more birds in number , mum has a few extra species ,the starling,sparrow and pied wagtail are visitors to mums but have never been seen at mine....seems a bit odd to me.



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It could be due to the proximity of cover, or just that your watails are finding food elsewhere.

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There could be many reasons -

Carstairs points out some of them above. The "route" to the feeder needs plenty of cover, and where possible it needs to be close to a bush or tree that they can observe it from, to feel confident, preferably from above.
The prevalence of domestic cats is also significant: and you can't always see them if the are behind a hedge or fence. One took to lurking under a nearby bush, unseen by us for days, but the birds knew! Some chilli powder under the bush solved the problem, but it took a few days for confidence to recover amongst the birds.
Water is important, too - if there is a pond, or even a small saucer of it nearby, the feeder will be more popular.