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Common gull

Observed: 25th December 2010 By: Naomi and MichaelNaomi and Michael’s reputation in BirdsNaomi and Michael’s reputation in BirdsNaomi and Michael’s reputation in Birds

(With a ringed plover in the foreground.)

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Common Gull.

Also Ringed Plover.

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I was told as a student not

I was told as a student not to capitalise cetacean names and blame that for my "bad habit" with bird names: I admit that I am in fact aware that capitalisation is standard for birds - sorry.

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I think you'll find

I think you'll find capitalisation of English names is largely a matter of personal preference. The norm seems increasingly to be for uncapitalised English names, but personally I prefer to capitalise them - firstly because, as names, they look right capitalised, and secondly to remove ambiguity - without caps, is it 'a common gull' or 'a gull which is common' (eg Herring Gull!)

Record your ladybird sightings!

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“1. Capitalization. An important rule ... begin with capital letters. While this is contrary to the general rules ... believed the initial capital to be preferable ... first because it has been the customary spelling in bird books for some years, and also because it distinguishes a taxonomic species from a general description of a bird.”
Gill F. & Wright M. (on behalf of the International Ornithological Congress), Birds of the World Recommended English Names, Helm, 2006, p6

for a broader and actually quite interesting (at least I think so) discussion.