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A personal species list?

I keep, on my computer, various species lists for birds and fish and moths and so on. It suddenly occured to me the other day how interesting it would be to have, on ispot, a species list that consisted of all the contributions that a particular user had added. This could be be found under the 'My Spot' section, and could consist of the catagories used on the site at present, birds, plants, fungi, and so on, and under each section there could be a list of scientific names, with a column next to it for common names, if any, with a column next to it with the date (dates?) on which the organism was seen.

I know! Big job as far as programming is concerned and so on, but I think it would be a very interesting thing to have, especially for those users that contribute regularly over several years.



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I think that this is an

I think that this is an excellent idea. It will not happen soon because there are other things that are taking priority at the moment, but thanks for the suggestion.

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A list of observations for a particular place

My suggestion is similar to the above, and it is that it would be very interesting to see all observations for a particular place. One of the things which drives me to put up observations is the feeling that I'm helping to build up a picture of the wildlife in the places I know well, which could be useful to other people who know the area or who are visiting. Equally, if I'm visiting somewhere it would be useful to know what I might expect to see there. I don't know how complex an adjustment this would be - but all our observations are already linked to a place as we make them.

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This kind of thing is also

This kind of thing is also being worked on but again will take a while to appear. You can of course see all your observations on the map already if you click the map tag.
i've put a couple of static images of my observations here:
Its interesting to see where you've been, in my case over many years of natural history photography. But also your local area. I normally have a small keyring gps running while I am out so can put the locations of things quite accurately even over a small area which is useful for the place shown on the local scale map as it covers two different counties and the county recorders like records from their county rather than the adjoining county!

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I'm sure I'm being really stupid now ...

... but how do I click the map tag?

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Go to My Spot in the main

Go to My Spot in the main menu bar at the top of any page when you are logged in and select it from there.

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Thanks for that

Another iSpot feature I didn't know about!

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Neither did I!

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