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Observed: 10th August 2010 By: bobc
chelostoma campanularum
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Hair bands

One of the features that separates the two very similar solitary bee genera Lasioglossum and Halictus is the placement of the abdominal hair bands. An initial glance at many species of both genera will show a band of hairs at the "edge" of the abdominal segments, but the key point is to see exactly where the edge of the segment runs in relation to the hair band.

In Lasioglossum, the hair bands are actually placed on the anterior (top / front) of the segment, so the "join" between the two segments runs "in front" of the hair band, you can actually see this quite clearly in these photos.

With Halictus, the hair band is placed on the posterior (bottom / back) part of the segment, so the join runs "behind" the hair band.

With species like the one in the obsevation this character is fairly easy to see as the bands are large and distinct. For many species however, you do have to look under a microscope to see the hairs.

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